Graphic Design Competition – Awesome Prizes

To help make the future of BC Ultimate the best it can be, we’re going about formalizing our strategic thinking. At each stage, we’ll be adding to our new “Values , Vision, Mission” page, where the first building blocks (our core values) have already been posted!

To help communicate and to remind ourselves of these values, BC Ultimate is soliciting a graphic design contest. Show us something that shows what BC Ultimate is about: Growth, Spirit, Competition, and Community! Submissions should be sent to  and be in .jpg format at least 10″x10″ 300dpi. The submissions can be or contain anything you think shows our values, from photos to logos, or an oil painting!*

*Please do not send us an oil painting.

First prize will get a free Vancouver Nighthawks Jersey, second prize gets a BC Ultimate disc.

vancouver_nighthawk_logo_squareBCU Disc

Deadline for submissions are April 30th at 5:00pm (PST).

As always, we welcome and encourage member input. What do you want out of BC Ultimate? Where do you see BC Ultimate in five years? Let us know!