Purposes, Values and Strategic Goals

Purposes of the Society

The British Columbia Ultimate Society was incorporated in 2012 with the following purposes codified in its bylaws. These purposes are alterable provisions under the BC Society Act. They provide an elementary foundation on which additional strategy and vision can be elaborated. They are repeated here for reference:

To work in conjunction with member organizations, teams and individuals to foster, develop, and grow the sport of Ultimate in all its forms throughout British Columbia;


To provide a means to facilitate positive and proactive communications with the greater Ultimate community;


To promote the ideals of sportsmanship and Spirit of the Game and to encourage a positive experience by everyone who plays the sport of Ultimate;


To work with other governing bodies and organizations to achieve the goals of the Society and for the betterment of the sport of Ultimate – BCUS Constitution and Bylaws 2017



An underlying purpose of BC Ultimate to advance the sport of ultimate. We see value in growing capacity for more ultimate played in more places, by more people, in more forms.

  • We foster growth in popular awareness, participation, and competition.
  • We offer opportunities, and we support the development of new opportunities and directions.
  • We encourage personal growth and development.
  • We look to the future, and we support the development of youth.


Spirit of the Game embodies an ideal of respect and understanding among athletes. It is a commitment to honour the rules, to act in good faith, and to mutually value the nature of competition.

  • We value sportsmanship, fair play, good faith and integrity in all aspects of our organization, inside and outside of competition.
  • We encourage and recognize respect and integrity in our athletes.
  • We respect our members, and strive to understand, to represent , and to respond to their interests.
  • We conduct our business in good faith and fairness, both internally and externally.


As a game played between teams, competition is fundamental to the nature of the ultimate. We support and celebrate healthy competition.

  • We recognize the intrinsic worth of competition as a character-building and community-building activity.
  • We provide and promote opportunities of satisfying, elevating, and appropriate competition for participants.
  • We assist and encourage groups and athletes in the pursuit of excellence in competition.
  • We support lifelong athlete development.


BC Ultimate recognizes its role in an ecosystem of related communities, and strives to be a faithful citizen thereof.

  • We value and support the strength of our member communities, clubs, and organizations, of all sizes and states.
  • We value and support other provincial and national ultimate organizations.
  • We respect and engage our members and customers, for whom we exist.
  • We communicate with our members and conduct our business in an open, transparent fashion.

Strategic Plan – 2019-2021

The BCU board and staff have developed a three-year strategic plan with goals intended to support the societies purposes and values. The 2019-2021 plan lists the following three strategic areas of focus:

Juniors – Support avenues that allow Junior players to enjoy the sport and achieve their desired skill level.

Core Purposes

  • Introduce juniors to ultimate;
  • Provide opportunities for juniors to play ultimate;
  • Help junior players develop within ultimate;
  • Help programs become self-sustaining and more effective;
  • Encourage LTAD and life long participation in disc sports.

Membership Growth – Support avenues that allow member organizations to develop more opportunities and grow membership.

Core Purpose

  • Introduce new people to ultimate;
  • Work with member organizations to help them grow within their communities;
  • Increase playing opportunities around the province;
  • Supporting gender equity within the growth of the sport;
  • Help member organizations become self-sustaining and more effective.

Excellence – Support avenues to help increase the competitiveness of BC teams and players.

Core Purpose

  • Maximize the competitive standing of elite teams;
  • Maximize representation of BC players and coaches on National teams.

BCUS Strategic Plan 2019-2021 (2019 update)