Most municipalities require you to have Liability Insurance before you can book their fields. Even if they don’t, you should consider protecting yourself against lawsuits. If someone claims injury or damages as result of your activities, liability insurance will pay for legal costs as well as any costs awarded against you. Our current policy provides third-party and participant coverage for up to $5 million in damages.

Sports injuries can result in dental and medical expenses that may not be completely covered by MSP or your Extended Health Plan at work.

To purchase insurance:

  • For leagues and teams, insurance is included with BCU Membership.
  • All “Regular Disc Activities” including tournaments run by BCU Member Organizations are also included in the general policy. Organizers should check the “Certificate Issued at the Request of” page(s) on the Certificate of Insurance to make sure the tournament location, or organizations providing the facilities is listed. BCU can add locations to this page as needed.
  • Social Events are not covered as part of the normal policy, but can be added for a cost. BCU can work with organizers and our Insurance provider to create a special insurance rider for Social Events. BCU needs to be contacted at least two weeks prior to the event to arrange for this rider. Events held at private residences can not be insured.
  • For more information about the BCU Insurance Policy, you can contact General Inquiries.

This is a link to the current Certificate of Insurance: 2023 – 2024 Certificate of Insurance