Ultimate Spirit


Ultimate Spirit is an Indigenous focused program delivered by the BC Ultimate Society. Every perspective is welcomed and respected with the understanding that learning is most impactful when done symbiotically. It is a collaborative initiative that takes a holistic approach to health. The program acknowledges the importance and interaction of the physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural aspects of Indigenous communities in BC.

Ultimate Spirit prioritizes the nurturing of fundamental values over individual or even team objectives. Participants learn and model values that create an atmosphere where the quality of the experience for the whole, is the objective. Paradoxically, this atmosphere creates a culture where each individual, and the whole, can reach their full potential. This process in turn reinforces the worth and impact of those values in other areas of life.

Communities, as well as ISPARC have been consulted with and in the planning of the program.

Our Logo

Designed by Dean Heron

Dean Heron is from the Wolf Clan of the Kaska/Tlingit First Nation in Teslin, Yukon. He saw many parts of the country growing up, but it was living in northern British Columbia that had the biggest impact on his sense of environment, community, and self-identity. After attending an Ultimate Spirit event on Vancouver Island, he wanted to make a contribution and created two incredible pieces of work. Our logo tells the story of the Raven bringing light to the world and the spirit along with it. Métis communities in BC are represented with the infnity symbol and the blue crescent moon that all combined represent the joining of cultures and respect for inclusivity as we move the Ultimate Spirit program through communities across the province. The paddle was created for BC Ultimate as a trophy to be awarded for the BC Junior High School Championships.


Unify connection, healing, and wellness in communities through the culture, spirit and sport of ultimate.


Transformational connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.





Growth Mindset


Indigenous Youth

The Indigenous community is under-represented in the overall sporting community, with Indigenous youth often lacking in opportunities to take part in athletic activities.


Gender Equity

A feature of ultimate is that all genders can play on the same team throughout all levels of the sport. This allows for trust and connection to develop between members of different genders and for an understanding of gender equality. The message sent to people when playing mixed gender ultimate is that individuals of all genders are equal, welcomed and valued. Ultimate builds relationships between people in a positive way by removing the gender barrier and focusing on each person as a participant, player and athlete.

Economic Barriers

Indigenous peoples are twice as likely to live in poverty. Ultimate’s low barrier to entry is a valuable feature that also lends to inclusivity. Unlike many other sports, all you need is a low cost disc, and a space to play, no other costly equipment is needed.


The Ultimate Spirit Community Ultimate Spirit Program (CUSP) has been conceived as a long-term, multi-partnership program with the goal of engaging Indigenous communities throughout the province of British Columbia. BC Ultimate has a long term vision for the program, with the goal of giving youth not only the opportunity to play and learn from the sport of ultimate, but also to connect with other communities, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, and create a network of youth throughout the province, connected by the sport of ultimate.

The program will be measured in years, if not decades, but we have no doubt that it will provide a unique experience and bring together a wide range of people in a shared athletic endeavor and with a common understanding of the Spirit of the Game (SOTG).

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