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Nlaka’pamux Nation (Lytton)


The owl is an important creature in Native Cultures across Canada.  For the Nlaka’pamux, owls are frequently guardian spirits of hunters and Shamans.  The creator’s messenger takes shape of the owl and that owl messenger brings the gift of the deer to the people.

The owl always connects with the moon.  In the logo – under one wing, the owl has the deer of life and the goat under the other.  The heavy line in 3 parts across from side to side is the surface of the earth.  The owl is standing on the earth and the foundation of the earth goes from the ground and up in the air through his wing. The 3 strokes across the foundation represent the 3 days it took to create the earth.  The arches embrace the uncompromising eye of the spirit in one case and the hunter’s game animal in the other.


  • Stz’uminus
  • Pemberton