Ultimate began in 1968 when a group of Columbia (NJ) High school students first played on an asphalt parking lot at their high school. As those students graduated from high school, the game spread to the college level.

The first intercollegiate Ultimate game occured on Nov. 6, 1972, between Princeton and Rutgers, in New Brunswick, NJ. They played on the anniversary of the first ever intercollegiate football game, also played between those same two schools.

Today, the game is played by over many thousands of people in over 30 countries. Ultimate is played by people from all walks of life. From high school students, to the thriving college game, to the highly competitive club teams all over the world, to the many thousands of people who play in informal summer leagues, Ultimate is a game for everyone.

For more history, see Adam Zagoria’s article at whatisultimate.com.