Junior Clubs

BC Junior Club Programs

BC features several junior club programs, which are loosely based in different geographic locations around the province. Junior Club ultimate in BC does not have formal club “boundaries” or any residency requirements. While it is often advantageous for juniors to play with clubs located in their communities, athletes are encouraged to participate with a club where they feel most comfortable and where they feel they will best be able to develop and enjoy the sport.

Misfit – Vancouver – Contact

  • Misfit provides a positive environment emphasizing respect, fair play, teamwork, hard work, and commitment. Win or lose, by the end of the summer. Players will have a sense of accomplishment, significantly increased knowledge and skills, new friends, and many fun memories.

Vortex – Fraser Valley – Contact

  • Vortex provides opportunities for young people in a positive, inclusive and dynamic environment. Our focus continues to be on emphasizing spirit of the game, dedication to the sport and commitment to the team. Everyone can play ultimate – from the most experienced player to the newest player just trying out a new sport – and everyone is most certainly welcome in Vortex.

Reign – Richmond – Contact

  • Reign Ultimate is focused on building a tight-knit community of members passionate and dedicated to the sport. Beyond the competition on-field, we’re all about building social connections that last long after that final horn blows. We do this through providing playing and social opportunities tailored for players of all skill levels—whether they’re vying for gold at nationals, or touching a disc for the first time.

Canyon – North Shore – Contact

  • Canyon strives to make sure that our program offers the perfect blend of competitiveness, player development, and fun. With decades of combined experience of playing and coaching Ultimate frisbee, the coordinators and coaches are local, passionate Ultimate players whose goal is to grow the sport of Ultimate frisbee, especially here on the North Shore.

Prime – Vancouver – Contact

  • Prime looks to inspire and support the next generation of Vancouver’s youth ultimate players, and create a community of like-minded individuals who strive for Spirit of the Game, Development, Competition and Excellence.

Khaos – Kelowna – Contact

  • Khaos is a not-for-profit sports club aims to build a diverse, inclusive space for youth to play Ultimate at the competitive level focusing on the fundamentals and the Spirit of the Game which focuses on Sportspersonship.

Helios – Kamloops – Contact

J-Pod – Victoria – Contact

  • JPod is a new club ultimate team in Victoria, BC, led by former Canadian Junior National Coach and certified leadership coach, Geoff Urton.

Firepants – Vancouver – Contact

  • Firepants is an affordable,  competitive, player driven, volunteer Ultimate player coached, Junior Open Regional team. This is a great team for athletes who can’t afford the time or the money for the Nationals touring teams. You will compete in Misfit Cup and Regionals and possibly the BCU TuneUp. Practices start June 3rd, 5th and 6th. (4:00-5:30pm)

The cost of belonging to a Junior Club program could be covered by one of a number of youth support programs around the province. You can review these programs here..

External Sport Credential Program (ESCP)

For the first time, BC Ultimate can offer ultimate athletes the chance for students to obtain graduation credits through the External Sport Credential Program.

Basic Eligibility

Eligible athletes will be those who will be attending High School in the 2024-2025 School Year in BC. Additionally, those athletes must:

Level 1 (4 Credits) – Belong to a Provincial or Regional Selects team representing their Region or Province. (e.g. BC Summer Games)

Level 3 (4 Credits) – Belong to a BC Provincial Club team which finishes in the top four (4) at Canadian Nationals.


For both Level 1 & Level 3 the athlete must:

  • Keep a Training Diary
  • Complete a minimum of 100 training hours / year
  • Create an annual training plan

Program Details

You can find more details for this program on the ESCP website. We encourage Club Team coaches and administrators to make their eligible athletes aware of this program.