Help Save Marty Lintag’s Life – sign up as a stem cell donor!

A member of BC’s ultimate community is currently fighting two rare forms of leukemia and desperately needs a stem cell donor to save his life. Marty Lintag – a longtime member of the VUL – has undergone chemotherapy and may only have 3-12 months left unless a matching stem cell donor is found.

More details can be found on our partner site at the VUL:

How can you help?

  1.  If you are 17-35 years old, sign up to be a stem cell donor (especially if you are a Filipino male). The process is EXTREMELY easy, involving a single cheek swab test that may be a match for Martin or someone else looking for a matching donor. Register today through Canadian Blood Services.
  2. Spread the word. Post this on social media and if possible, tag your Filipino friends. Finding a donor is equivalent to finding a needle in a large haystack, so it’s critical to have as large a donor pool as possible.
  3. In addition to registering to be a donor, a GoFundMe page has been set up to help with costs associated with Martin’s treatment.