Recreational Ultimate

Most players participate in municipal leagues. See Where to Play for a full list. We may run recreational Summer Camps in the future. Contact us if you are interested.

Competitive Ultimate

Depending on the type of grant funding we receive from the government, we may be able to offer financial assistance to adult teams who attend CUC. Contact us for more info. We may host competitive Training Camps in the future. Contact us if you are interested.

BCU Student Bursary Program – Link to 2018 Applications

The BCU Bursary program was created to provide additional financial assistance to graduating high school students who best represent the sport of Ultimate, the Spirit of the Game, and who have an interest in contributing to the continued development of the sport. The process for obtaining the grants was formulated to be in keeping with the requirements of the Province of British Columbia and are consistent with the BCU’s Values of Growth, Spirit, Competition and Community.

Ultimate is not officially recognized by BC High School Sports governing bodies, nor is the sport recognized at the University level. Hence, there are few, if any, other sources of bursaries or scholarships. BCU bursaries are awarded in cooperation with school administration/athletics and serve to enhance the recognition of the sport and the student athletes in these communities.

BCU is proud to provide these bursaries in a method that encourages our junior members to become and stay involved in the sport of Ultimate.