Theo’s Story

Ultimate frisbee has meant the world to me these past few years. I remember trying to figure out what the sport is and how big of an impact it’s going to have on me if I play. I didn’t like it at first because I was fresh into high school, and I thought I was cool not playing sports. But after traveling to play other teams, the sport really caught my eye, because of how much joy, excitement and adrenaline it gave me. The thrill of traveling to places like Saanich, Surrey, Lytton, Bowen Island and playing on different fields was unbeatable. I’m so grateful for the opportunity that Ultimate gave me to make new friends. Ultimate has been more than just a sport, it’s brought me happiness, fun, and a sense of belonging. 

I’m glad I kept playing because I’ve made lifelong friends and created unforgettable memories. Ultimate has truly shaped who I am today by helping me through the shy stage of my life. This confidence helped me to go to new places and easily make friends everywhere we went to play. Seeing so many displays of Spirit of The Game when our team competed at Surrey provincials was amazing and made playing the game fun and enjoyable for everyone. I received so many compliments and encouragement from other competitors as they acknowledged skills I had been working on. Making different throws, good cuts, reading the disc, communicating with teammates, and displaying Spirit of the Game were things that everyone was encouraged to do. We would always give our opponents a high five whenever they scored on us. That is what Ultimate is all about, connecting with others, having fun, and bringing joy and happiness to everyone that is around.

At the end of every game we would have what we call a spirit circle. During each spirit circle we all have the opportunity to give a spirit bracelet to a teammate to acknowledge them for having displayed certain characteristics. The white bracelets represent Head (The mental side of the game), black was your feet (Physical aspects), yellow stood for Heart (Emotional) and red was your connection to something bigger than the sport (Spirit). Spirit bracelets can be given to anyone that shows commitment to these tenants. A whole lot of bracelets were given out for many reasons, and it was the perfect way to celebrate a successful day.

It was really nice to get the opportunity to play on the team from my hometown school, the Xet’olacw Eagles. It’s amazing to host all these teams in our community, the beautiful mountains and lush green grass provide the perfect backdrop for some epic Ultimate matches. It’s a joy to share our stunning surroundings with other people from different parts of our beautiful country, creating unforgettable memories together. Let’s keep the spirit of cheer and fun alive as we welcome teams to our wonderful community. It’s not about my love of Ultimate, it’s about the community that Ultimate creates.

-Theodore Dan Jr. – Lil’wat Nation