2012 BC Junior Team Rosters

Here it is folks, the long awaited rosters for the 2012 BC Junior Teams. Thanks to everyone who came to tryout over the past week! If you didn’t make the cut, be sure to come to the Misfit Tryouts this week.

2012 U19 BC Boys

Ben Burelle
Evan Chan
Victor Cheng
Ryan Chung
Mitchell Dozzi
Kent Engano
Marcus Fung
Allen Greer
Bryce Jay
Steven Jefferys
Japhet Jemina
Trevor Knechtel
Patrick Mavety
Eddison Ng
Alistair Russell
Cameron Schwartz
Alwyn Sun
William Vu
Vincent Wang
Richard Wong
Tim Woo
Nick Yun

2012 U19 BC Girls

Esther Au
Kailin Chang
Camille Chanoine
Jessica Chung
Kini Do
Christina Douglas
Erin Jay
Jessica Kwan
Megan Leong
Daisy Lin
Joanna Lo
Natasha Lu
Emma Madden-Krasnick
Samantha Mew
Naomi Morcilla
Paige Muir
Francesca Pietrantonio
Merry Sarte
Janelle Siwa
Becky Thompson
Courtney Wong
Laura Worsely