2013-2014 BCUS Board Nominees

Here is our list of 2013-2014 Board Nominees, good luck to you all!


Name: Blair Underhill
Location: Vancouver BC
Summary of Qualifications: I have served on the board of Victoria Ultimate Players Society intermittently over the last 5 years. I have been a liaison between UVIC Ultimate Club and VUPS from 2008-2010. I have been the Summer League Coordinator for VUPS from 2009-2013. I have coached, captained and played Ultimate nationally and internationally, and feel that I would be helpful member to the BCUS board of directors.

Name: Alexander Davis
Location: Vancouver, BC
Summary of Qualifications: Davis is a professional engineer and a longstanding competitive ultimate player residing in Vancouver. He is committed to expanding the presence and scope of BC Ultimate, with ambitions to improve its services and support to member organizations, juniors development, university development, and intra-provincial competition. With valuable experience in the governance of sport societies (6 years of serving Ultimate Canada, and 4 years as a Director of the Vancouver Ultimate Leagues Society), and a network of dedicated volunteers across the province, he is well equipped to assist BC Ultimate transition into a broader organization. He has also competed and coached locally, nationally and internationally for such teams as Furious George, the Nighthawks, and Team Canada.


Name: John Grant
Location: Abbotsford, BC
Summary of Qualifications:

  • involved in Ultimate for the past 10 years
  • involved with coaching of Rick Hansen Secondary Ultimate program for 5+ years
  • involved with Vortex Junior Ultimate program in various capacities since its inception 9 years ago (including coaching and managing program)
  • completed NCCP Community Coaching (Ultimate) course
  • 2 years with the BCDSS Ultimate Branch, Board of Directors
  • 2 years with BCU Board of Directors
  • founding member of board
  • Outreach Coordinator and Bursaries Coordinator


Name: Gina Hopper
Location: Vancouver, BC
Summary of Qualifications:

  • Project Accountant by trade
  • Board of Directors – Muddbunnies Riding Club (Feb 2013 – Present)
  • Board of Directors – VUL (2007 – 2009)
  • Women In Ultimate – Program development, implementation, and on-field coach
  • BC Junior’s Coach (2009)
  • Competitive Touring Player for 7 years – Joy Ride & Zephyr (before it was Zephyr).
  • SFU Women’s Coach

Chris Wakelin

Name: Chris Wakelin
Location: Surrey, BC
Summary of Qualifications:

  • Played mixed ultimate at various levels since 1994 (UVic, CUC, mostly VUL).
  • Coached High School ultimate since 2002 in Surrey.
  • Coached Vortex Junior Women’s team the past two seasons.
  • Coordinator of Fraser Valley Junior Ultimate – 30+ teams now!
  • BCU Board member this past year.
Katherine Lee
Name: Katherine Lee
Location: Vancouver, BC
Summary of Qualifications:
I first started playing organized ultimate with the Vancouver Ultimate League in the summer of 2006, and began playing women’s ultimate with the Simon Fraser University LadyCLAM in Fall 2007. I was a member of SFU Ultimate throughout my four-year undergrad, serving as treasurer and captain for the club from 2008-2011. Upon graduating I have remained involved with the SFU women’s program as a coach and mentor. In October 2013 I was the Tournament Coordinator in charge of the Canadian Western University Ultimate Championships, in which college teams from around BC participated.
Today, I continue to play in various VUL leagues. I also currently play with Zephyr, a Vancouver women’s competitive touring team. Junior, college and club-level ultimate programs are key to increasing participation and visibility of the sport, and I intend to support their development to the best of my ability.

If elected to the BC Ultimate Board of Directors, I would bring considerable experience as both a participant and organizer for ultimate in BC, particularly at the college and club level. My experience in an organizing capacity would help BC Ultimate identify goals, define Board members’ responsibilities and perform the tasks needed to achieve its mandate. Off the field I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and work as a Marketing Coordinator for an independent ticket brokering company, with emphasis on the use of social media to create and maintain connections.

Mark Moran

Name: Mark Moran
Location: Kamloops, BC
Summary of Qualifications:

I am pleased to accept my nomination for appointment to the BC Ultimate Board of Directors.

Over the past few years, I have been involved with the governance groups at both a local level (Kamloops Ultimate League Society since 2009 – founding Director), and at the national level (Ultimate Canada since 2007 – BC Director / Director-At-Large / Director of Finance / Chair of the Audit Committee / UC Head Observer / Member of the Competition Committee) — and I desire to be involved at the provincial level because of its strong linkage roles both to the local levels of Ultimate in BC and to the national level of Ultimate in Canada.

Overall, I take great pride in being part of the leadership groups that has helped to bring Ultimate over the past few years to where it is today, and look forward to being involved in the further growth and initiatives into the future. My strong focus on financial controls and risk management in the not-for-profit environment, coupled with my deep understanding of and experience with the sport of Ultimate—from top competitive national and international levels to casual, recreational, and youth levels—makes me an ideal member for the Board.

Board Experience:

  • Ultimate Canada—I have been a continuous member of this Board since my first appointment in 2007, as either BC Director or Director-At-Large, and have held the position of Vice President, Finance, since December 2007, and Chair of the Board’s Audit Committee since its implementation in 2012.

  • Other Board Experience—I have served as a member of the Board of Directors for the Vancouver Chapter of ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) from the mid-‘90s, culminating as President in 2000-2001; and passed the reins down to others in 2002.

Not-for-profit Experience: In addition to the above, I have been involved in a number of not-for-profit organizations throughout my professional career, in capacities of financial and systems auditor, and advisor to senior management and/or the board of these organizations, including United Way of Vancouver, BC Automobile Association.

Volunteer Experience: A significant portion of my volunteer experience is related to Ultimate, and noted above in Board Experience, and below in Ultimate Experience. Not noted elsewhere is my involvement helping the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society with sorting of incoming food in their central warehouse, and helping the BC Guide Dog Services with care of the young dogs and their property.

Education and Professional Designations: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting concentration) from the University of Windsor 1993; Chartered Accountant 1996; Certified Information Systems Auditor 1999; Project Management Professional 2006; Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control 2011; and Certification in Risk Management Assurance 2012.

Business Experience: Over 20 years of public accounting, assurance, and advisory experience, focusing on internal control, risk management, IT audit, and assurance with respect to complex business processes and information systems since 1996. Also actively involved in the business and IT community, and an accomplished educational speaker on topics related to business governance, internal control, security, IT audit and risk management.

Financial Experience: A significant portion of my business experience, above, has focused on financial activities and controls, including my first few years as a CA and direct financial statement auditing; many of the projects throughout my professional career have had a financial controls focus, have been performed for financial governance groups, or have included financial-related drivers and objectives.

Ultimate Experience:

  • Participated in the VUL for a variety of teams (as captain or player), including mentor for new teams and teaching rules clinics at Ultimate Day.

  • Non-playing member of Team Canada Mixed WUGC 2008 team (assisting with strategy and statistics) – Gold medalist.

  • Current Member of the Standing Rules Committee of USA Ultimate (2006 to present), including the years leading up to the development and issuance of the 11th Edition.

  • Canada Head Observer; led the development of the current Observer Program; UC Observer Trainer 2009; UPA Certified Observer 2007; observing since 2004.

  • Member of Ultimate Canada’s Competition Committee (Head Observer seat).

  • Currently helping to grow Ultimate in Kamloops BC, since moving here in 2009, including introducing Indoor Ultimate in 2010 and leading it since then, and developing Kamloops Juniors activities such as the high school league, and junior tournament teams.

  • Trained as an Ultimate Community Initiation Coach during Ultimate Canada’s inaugural year with the National Coaching Certification Program.

  • Patiently waiting for the Great Grandmasters Division to be created, so that I can become a competitive player again… In the meanwhile, I take great pride in hearing exclamations from surprised juniors as I stand in the end zone with the disc in my hands: “Hey, whose check is that?”, “How’d he get so open?”, and “Oh, he CAN run, after all!” … not always, of course, but much more often than they like.