Udderbowl 2014 Registration Begins!

Happy New Year, ultimate players!

Nanaimo is once again preparing to host your favourite first tournament of the year, Udderbowl!

This year we are back with Udderbowl and Teatbowl! So when you register please say whether you would like to play in Teatbowl (spirit pool) or the more competitive Udderbowl pool.  We strive to make Teatbowl all about fun and spirit, so please tell your friends who have never been to a tournament before that this is a great place to start.

The tournament will be held in Nanaimo, on the same sports fields as always (McGirr/Dover Bay) on April 5th & 6th. Note the earlier date than last year! The party location and theme are still to be determined, but the party will be awesome as usual.

The cost is $675/team, which works out to $45/player for a 15 player team. We will need a $100 deposit byMarch 5th to secure your team’s spot, and an estimation of your team size by March 28th to help us with planning for food purchases. You can pay by Paypal at http://udderbowl.new.nanaimoultimate.ca/accomodations/

If you want to send a cheque, please reply to “udderbowl@gmail.com” for an address.

We already have two hotel deals worked out, at the Coast Bastion and the Inn on Long Lake. More may be coming. See our website for more details: http://udderbowl.new.nanaimoultimate.ca/accomodations-2/

Please reply to udderbowl@gmail.com to get your name on our captains’ contact list, and feel free to send this email far and wide! Looking forward to seeing you all out on the fields again at the beginning of April!

Allison and your Udderbowl/Teatbowl team