BC Provincial Team Rosters

BC Ultimate would like to introduce the 2015 U19 Provincial teams!  This program’s intent is to provide top level training over a broad spectrum of areas to the best players from across the province to help players take their game to the next level!


Amy Ker Vancouver
Annie Wang Richmond
Beverly Yim Richmond
Bronwyn Ferris Vancouver
Cassidy Gee Vancouver
Collefas Mot Surrey
Courtney Wong Vancouver
emily chiang Richmond
Emily Yuen Richmond
Emily Chong Vancouver
Jeanne d’Arc Le Vancouver
Julia Zhang Vancouver
Julia Zhou Vancouver
Kailey Jay Vancouver
Katherine Ortega Vancouver
Kiera Lee-Pii Vancouver
Mavis Huang Vancouver
Paige Muir Vancouver
Samantha Mew Vancouver
Sophia Chan Vancouver
Tiffany ma Richmond
Tiffany Wan Richmond
Zellema Mot Surrey
Zoe Todd Vancouver
Micheal Fung
Rena Kawabata
Mimi Pan



Albert Kragl Vancouver
Angus Boswell Vancouver
Anthony Phan Vancouver
Derek Safnuk Vancouver
Dexter Situ Vancouver
Jack Mills Vancouver
Jared Lynd Vancouver
Jeffrey Ciachurski Burnaby
Jordan Zhao Vancouver
Joshu Lam Vancouver
Justin Chan Richmond
Keith Chow Vancouver
Kengi Ng Vancouver
Kyle Tsia Vancouver
Kyle Chan Vancouver
Nathan Hsieh Vancouver
Nicholas Okuma Vancouver
Nico Portugal Richmond
Owen pitblado Vancouver
Sam But Burnaby
Trevor McCann Richmond
Ty Barbieri North Vancouver
Tyus Chow Vancouver
Jon Hayduk
Fred Lam


Please join us in wishing these athletes the best of luck over the season and at Canadian Nationals!