The Great Vancouver 5 on 5

Get ready and excited..! The creators of Whistler 5 on 5 now bring you a BRAND NEW 5 on 5 Tournament! 

The Great Vancouver 5 on 5:  Aug 29-30

Expect “same same, but different” in comparison to Whistler 5 on 5.

The “same same” includes 6-8 games of fun ulty during a memorable weekend, lunches, and an awesome spread of field food. 

Introducing Carnival Central…!

The different is that instead of every player getting a disc, every player will get to experience “Carnival Central Saturday”! Think of a few giant inflatable games or obstacle courses plus frickets, ladder ball, bocce ball and whatever games you bring to add to the mix. 

(15-05-16 5 on 5 Ultimate 2015 Saturday Game 47 of 182)

You’ll have a blast at this tourney both on and off the field – the games, the “carnival”, and the party will not disappoint..

Registration Now Open – Info on website

The website is now up with registration details. Early Registration goes until July 15 while Regular Registration ends August 7.

There’s also a Facebook page set up for the event, so be sure to like the page for more updates.