CUC 2016 Registration now open

Registration for CUC (August 11-14), CUC: Mixed (August 18-21), and CUC: Juniors (August 8-10) is now open!

2016 marks the first year that CUC: Mixed will be played as its own stand-alone event. CUC and CUC:JR will be in Edmonton, AB this year and CUC: Mixed will be held in Hamilton, ON.

Is your team unsure about attending CUC this year? Well, beyond the chance to win a national championship and meet up with other players from across the country, here are some additional reasons to consider:

Why is it important to attend CUC every year?

We all know that World Qualifying years are the crème de la crème of CUC years.  The intensity is in the air as teams compete for their chance to represent Canada.  So you might wonder: why would off years be important to attend, too??  Here are three (3) reasons why…

1.) Earning more bids for your Region when it counts!

Ultimate Canada has structured its process to award bids to regions based on their previous year’s performance.  This means that what your region does this year, affects the number of bids they get next year.  Do you see where we are going with this?  If a team wants to ensure their Region gets the most number of bids possible in a World’s year, they need to represent in a non-world’s year and try to finish well in order to secure bids for their region for World Qualifying years.

2.) Consistent Attendance and Expansion

Consistent attendance is something that Ultimate Canada and the competition committee hold in very high regard.  When applications for expansion or decisions to expand are granted, consistent attendance is always taken into account.  So, if you were thinking of making an application to expand a division, attending each year will certainly add credibility to those applications.  Likewise, once a division has been granted an expansion, Ultimate Canada likes to see that they made the right decision and that the division was ready for that expansion.  Having a newly expanded division not fill can certainly make one second guess it’s readiness for expansion.  Help prove us right!

3.) Pan-Am Qualifications

Finally, the newly created Pan-Am Championships by WFDF requires teams qualify to represent their country.  Non-worlds years are now Pan-Am qualifying years.  In order to play Pan-Am, you will need to play CUC in in the Pan-Am qualifying year.  Hey, CUC 2016 is a Pan-Am qualifying year!!


As you plan out your season, please keep this in mind and plan on attending CUC to keep Canadian Ultimate a priority.

Registration Links:

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We hope to see you at CUC or CUC: Mixed this year!