BCUS AGM 2016 – Special resolutions to be passed

On November 28th, 2016, the new BC Societies Act takes effect. The BC Ultimate Society is proposing the following special resolutions to be voted on at this Sunday’s AGM to make our bylaws compliant with the new Act.


Special Resolution #1 (change in form required by Societies Act)

That the Constitution be amended by removing clauses 3 and 4, and that the Bylaws be amended by adding:
(i) clause 3 under “Part 12 -Bylaws”; and
(ii) clause 4 under a newly created “Part 13 – Dissolution”.

Special Resolution #2 (meetings and voting)

That clause 20 be amended by deleting the words “and not more than 15 months after holding the last preceding annual general meeting.”

That the title of Part 5 be amended to “Voting”, and clauses 34, 35, and 36 be moved under Part 5.

That the following clauses be added as clauses 37 and 38, and all subsequent clauses be renumbered beginning at 39:

  1. Where voting is by ballot, for those attending remotely by videoconference, teleconference, or other medium, voting will be by email to an email address selected by the Directors.
  2. A voting member may appoint a proxy holder.

Special Resolution #3 (inspection of documents)

That the title of Part 10 be amended to “Inspection of Documents”.

That clause 123 (formerly clause 121) be deleted and replaced with:

  1. Subject to the Personal Information Protection Act, SBC 2003, c 63, as amended:
  2. The records of the Society, with the exception of the current and past registers of members, shall be open to inspection by members on reasonable notice at the office of the Society. Except in accordance with the Societies Act or other applicable laws or by authorization of the Directors, no member is entitled to inspect or request a copy of the current or past registers of members.
  3. A member is entitled to request a copy of any of the Society’s records, with the exception of the current and past register of members. The Society is entitled to charge and receive an administrative fee before providing the requested copies.
  4. Upon request, the Directors may authorize the inspection of the records of the Society, or portions thereof, by a person who is not a member or Director. The Society is entitled to charge an administrative fee not to exceed $25 for any such inspection.


Special Resolution #4 (housekeeping matters)

That clause 1 of the Bylaws be deleted and replaced with:

  1. In these Bylaws, unless the context otherwise requires,
  2. “Directors” means the directors of the Society for the time being;
  3. “Officer term” means the time between one annual general meeting and the immediate next annual general meeting (typically one year).
  4. “Registered address” of a member means his address as recorded in the register of members;
  5. Societies Act” means the Societies Act of the Province of British Columbia from time to time in force, all amendments to it and any successor acts;
  6. “Society” means the British Columbia Ultimate Society
  7. “Term” means the time between  an annual general meeting and the annual general meeting immediately following the next annual general meeting (typically two years);