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BCJUC Registration is Open

BC Ultimate is happy to announce that registration for the 2016 BC Junior Ultimate Championship is now open.

In order to better facilitate the organization of the event for both BCU and participating teams, registration is opening now, ahead of regional qualification events for the Tier 1 divisions.

Once regional qualification events take place, teams who qualify for Tier 1 will be placed in that division with the remaining teams filling out the Tier 2 divisions based on registration date, with the exception that priority will be given to the first team registered from a school over an additional (2nd) team registered from another school in that same division.

We are looking forward to hosting the largest BCJUC in history, but with the significant increase in the number of schools running ultimate programs we expect that we will sell out both Tier 2 divisions after filling both 16 team Tier 1 divisions. If you are planning on sending a team to BCJUC please do not delay your registration.

Good luck to all teams and BCU hopes you have a fantastic High School ultimate season!

2016 BCJUC Registration FORM