Province Wide Sport Restrictions – Update

On December 3rd, 2020, the Provincial Health Officer provided further updates and clarifications on restrictions for Sport across the province following the November 19th Provincial Health Order. These updates impact ultimate, and all BCU member organizations should be familiar with this information.

On February 8th the Province of B.C. announced that the current public health restrictions are being kept in place indefinitely. While there haven’t been updates to the restrictions for sport, this means that the following key items remain in place:

  • Individuals are permitted to travel to their home club for the purpose of sport, while following all restrictions in the current public health Order.
  • The clarifications from January 7 on “group sport” remain applicable to adult sport.
  • The high performance exemption remains in effect for athletes identified by CSI-Pacific and their Provincial or National Sport organization.
  • The specifications around children and youth sport remain unchanged. Games and tournaments are temporarily suspended for teams.
  • The Intercollegiate varsity sport exemption allows for athletes to train or practice only with the post-secondary institution with which they are enrolled.

For more details on the impact this has on sport you can head to the VIA Sport website and their FAQ page.

We know how difficult this news can be, but we are encouraged by the efforts and commitment displayed by the sport community to stay safe and protect each other.

Brian Gisel – General Manager, BC Ultimate