Provincial Health Order Update – April 23

On Monday, April 19th the Provincial Government announced additional restrictions on movement and activities across the province. Additional details will be released on Friday, April 23rd, the day these changes will begin. It has been announced that previous restrictions as well as the ones starting on April 23rd will continue to at least Tuesday, May 25th.

At this time BC Ultimate expects that the current restrictions on sport will continue, but not be increased. An overview of the Province-Wide Restrictions can be viewed here.

An overview of the sport restrictions and how they impact our sport:

Adult Indoor and Outdoor Group Sports (including Ultimate)

Group sports are activities involving more than one person. This includes training and practice for an individual or team sport. Games, tournaments and competitions for indoor and outdoor group sports for people 22 years of age and older are prohibited.

While restrictions are currently in place related to adult group sports, some indoor and outdoor sports and activities, including drills and training activities, are permitted with modifications and a reduced number of participants:

    • 2 people may engage in indoor sports with one another
    • 10 people may engage in outdoor sports with one another

Participants must maintain a distance of 3 metres from one another unless everyone lives in the same private residence.

Youth Indoor and Outdoor Group Sports (including Ultimate)

All organized indoor and outdoor sports for people 21 years of age and younger are limited to training and practice where all participants maintain 3 metres of physical distance from one another. This means games, tournaments and competitions are temporarily suspended. Amateur sports organizations and leagues may implement additional guidelines to ensure the health and safety of participants.

Travel for Sport

Even with the allowances above, it is important to reiterate that travel for sport is not allowed right now. So while groups may gather under the rules above, participants must restrict their travel according to this Guidance on travel restrictions for sport.

BC Ultimate Guidelines

In addition to the restrictions listed above, BC Ultimate encourages all groups participating in any training and practice activities to use enhanced cleaning procedures for both participants and equipment. Athletes and organizers should sanitize hands and discs prior to and after activities. While the use of masks are not mandatory, they are encouraged, even when a distance of 3 meters can be maintained.

No athlete should participate in any group activity if they answer Yes to any of the questions on the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool

Travel Restrictions

As announced on April 19th, the province will be enacting additional travel restrictions on April 23rd. All athletes should be aware of these new restrictions when released and avoid non-essential travel.